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Palette Tea House, a dim sum spot for the Instagram age

Palette Tea House in SF, photographed by Sarah Chorey

Dim sum and Instagram share some things in common. The obvious, of course, is the photogenic nature of the bite-size Chinese morsels which were, like Instagram, invented for the purpose of sharing. But each is also quite deceptive: seemingly simple things—they’re just dumplings after all, and just small square pictures in the blogosphere—that are actually…

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Sarah Craves Cheap Eats: Vietnamese Heaven

Cheap Eats: Vietnamese Heaven

Eating: Cordon Bleu CRAVE: Imperial Rolls. All day, erry day. One of the best things about a big city is its hole-in-the-wall spots. We’re talking 10 or 15 seats tops, cash-only, cheap, and you can see into the kitchen kind…

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