Life is about experiences.

sarah craves

My name is Sarah and, for me, my most treasured moments that I crave happen through food, adventures, and music.

The world is a big place — one to be tasted, explored, and unearthed with every day you have. I’m lucky to currently call San Francisco and the Bay Area home for most of excursions and daily experiences. However, I was bit by the travel bug after a semester abroad in Barcelona in college, motivating me to find new adventures around the world ever since.

I can’t get enough of discovering new experiences.

Restaurants and food are perfect opportunities to experience culture, bond over a meal with friends, and explore a new part of a city or neighborhood. Motto: Every meal is an opportunity not to be wasted.

My love for music has also pulled me across oceans, to blistering desserts, and to the edge of canyons to experience unique music festivals.

Finding exciting activities to learn more about yourself and the world around you in your free time and your weekends — I just can’t get enough.

These meals, these melodies, and these moments are all part of finding and uncovering what the world has to offer. I love making these treasured memories with people I care about, and sharing them with others so they can create their own. Hopefully my adventures will inspire you on how to live your life to the fullest, whether it be in San Francisco, some other big city metropolis, a small rural town, or on a tropical beach oasis.

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